Collection: Chocolate bonbons

Indulge your senses with our luxury chocolate bonbons crafted from the finest single-origin chocolate. Our artisanal chocolates are a symphony of flavor, combining the richness of single-origin cocoa with luscious, all-natural fillings. Each chocolate bonbon is a masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted and adorned with a touch of opulence—luxurious 24K gold. Elevate your chocolate experience with our decadent creations, where quality meets artistry. 

Discover the essence of Colombian cocoa, crowned the world's best in 2024 by the prestigious 'Cocoa of Excellence' competition in Amsterdam. From the heart of the Amazon to your palate, savor the unrivaled quality that sets our chocolate apart.

With every bite, you support peace-building projects in rural Colombia.

  • Silhouette of Colombia

From Colombia with Love

Magno Chocolates sources the finest Colombian Cacao and local ingredients to make their chocholate bonbons & tasty creations that are equally beautiful as they are delicious.