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Nestled aside the Amazon rainforest, where the roots of cacao find their origin, lies the unique magic of Colombian chocolate. While many have sung praises for Colombian coffee, the same prime conditions that make coffee thrive also weave their magic into our local chocolate.

We proudly source "Fino de Aroma" Cacao

Our creations boast the exceptional 'Fine Flavor' aka 'Fino de Aroma' cacao at its core— a gem recognized by the International Cocoa Organization for its distinctive taste and an enchanting medley. Enjoy fruity, floral, and herbal notes that are complemented by nutty malt undertones. This coveted 'Fine Flavor' distinction is a badge proudly carried by only 8% of the world's cacao production, making our chocolates not just rare, but also a testament to unparalleled quality.

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A Sweet Impact! Ethically sourced chocolate that makes dreams come true.

We are proudly involved with "The Chocolate Dream" foundation. This is a community-based effort to bring well-being to Colombian cocoa farmers and their communities through high-impact economic, social, and environmental projects. With every bite of Magno Chocolates, you support peace-building projects in rural Colombia.

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Naturally delicious

All of our fillings are made from scratch sourcing the tastiest local ingredients and exotic flavors.