5 star service

At Magno Chocolates, our commitment to excellence extends beyond the cocoa beans. We pour the same devotion into our customer service as we meticulously craft each bonbon and chocolate bar. While we work on collecting more reviews on our new website, we wanted to share the thousands of accolades we've received at our 3 current locations below.

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    "They're lifesavers! I was short on time to find a gift for my partner, and they arrived like a godsend. Besides helping me a ton, they were also able to deliver within an hour. Excellent service..."

    Daniela H

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    "A thousand thanks! ...aside from being very beautiful, they taste delicious. I loved the service, the speed that they handle requests, and, best of all, how quickly they deliver."

    Erika G.

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    Thank you very much; they have already been picked up, and they are super cute! They surprised me more than what I saw in the photos. 


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    THANK YOU! This little box feels very special. There's no doubt that they've touched many hearts.

    Mauricio R

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