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Magno Chocolates

Majestic (6 pcs)

Majestic (6 pcs)

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🍇🫰✨Inspired by the timeless elegance of grapes and the prosperity they symbolize, we proudly unveil MAGNO's Majestic Edition. This exquisite collection encapsulates the luxury, sophistication, and pleasure of our fine aroma cacao chocolates, delicately adorned with edible pearls and lustrous 24k gold leaf.


  • 6 hand-painted chocolate bon bons.
  • A card, which reads: "Let's embrace this enchanting experience together, taking a moment to savor every little detail. These exquisite chocolates I'm sharing with you are inspired by the timeless elegance and grandeur of grapes. They symbolize abundance, joy, and the richness of life. Each is handcrafted with single origin Colombian chocolate and adorned with a kiss of 24k gold leaf. They're not just chocolates but mini works of art designed to brighten your day. Here's to more unexpected treasures and lots of chocolate-induced happiness!"


  • 1 pieces of semi-dark chocolate (60%) filled with a Malbec ganache.
  • 2 pieces of white chocolate with caramelized macadamia nuts.
  • 1 pieces of semi-dark chocolate (60%) with a planifolia vanilla bean filling.
  • 2 pieces of semi-dark chocolate (60%) with a berry cheesecake filling

Gift Packaging

Discover the essence of luxury through our thoughtfully crafted packaging, designed to elevate your gifting experience. Each box proudly showcases our signature seal, symbolizing the meticulous touch of 24k gold adorning our gems.

We exclusively provide digital receipts in order to preserve the surprise when the product arrives.

Gift note

Each product comes with a printed gift card so that you can send a personalized message. Remember to include your name in the message area if you want it to be seen by the recipient.


Our priority is making sure that your products arrive safely and in the best state possible. Since chocolates are inherently heat-sensitive, we only ship out Monday through Wednesday (This reduces the chances of them sitting unnecessarily long in a shipping facility over the weekend). Once we ship out they generally arrive in 2-3 business days. In all scenarios, we'll keep you informed and provide tracking details as soon as they are ready.


Our chocolates are crafted with world renowned fine flavor Colombian cacao and cocoa butter. All our fillings are meticulously crafted from scratch in our Medellin-based workshop, using only the finest local ingredients.


Our chocolates have a shelf life of one month. It is important to store them in a cool place, away from strong odors, as chocolate has a tendency to absorb aromas.

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